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What Is Your Relationship Giving You?

Have you ever asked yourself “what are getting from your relationship?”  This isn’t a selfish question.  Every relationship should have some type of “return.”  Whether it is something simple such as ” this person makes me laugh” or “this person has the same dreams as I do and I feel safe with them.”  This is one of the things that keeps people in relationships, isn’t it?

I often question what I am getting (and of course what I am giving) in my relationships.  What I know at this point is that there is a huge imbalance in my life in this area.  I question how many people are not getting much of anything in their relationships and giving so much?  Are these people aware of the imbalance?   How is the imbalance (if there is one) manifesting itself? Anger, resentment, drinking, depression, anxiety?

It is only when we can start to see ourselves outside of our relationships that we can begin to correct this.  Who are we? What makes us happy? How do we live (all with our individual self)?

These are important questions that I encourage everyone to ask about their lives and their relationships.

It has dawned on me once again, Life Is Too Short!



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