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The Differences In Sexual Views

Biology Loves Diversity, Society Hates It!


If there is one thing that I see consistently, it is a difference on sexual views.  This reality comes crashing in to me every day as I see the differences in my students, my clients, and just people in general I speak with.  There is a high religious value that somehow got placed on the back of sexuality– perhaps Adam and Eve…. (which often brings people tremendous guilt and shame).

What about sex=pleasure, responsibility and God?  Does God not want us to feel good?  I know what your thinking “yes he (which I have my own issues about God being a he) does but only in marriage?”

Well what about those people who choose not to get married or are abused so bad by their partners is sex ok then?

What about the definition of the word marriage? Simply meaning “a social union or legal contract between people that creates kinship”  What about how the meaning of marriage has changed over thousands of years?

Do people actually do the research when they make their statements about sexuality? No.

Isn’t it ironic how there are so many issues with people and their sense of themselves?  And for that matter why is there so much extreme hatred for sexual issues (those who deviate from heterosexuality, abortion, lifestyles, masturbation, and the list goes on and on and on…)

Truth is, we have some pretty serious issues with regard to sexuality.  Not only in the US but in most other areas of the world as well.

Why is my body such an issue?



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