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Your Health

 No time for your health today means no health for your tomorrow.


While the above saying may be a little cliché, there is no truer statement.  We often take our health for granted as we live and try to manage in such a busy world.  What happens when our health is taken for granted is a system shut-down (whatever system(s) that may be.  Our health is our vitality-the one aspect of our lives that we have total control over.


Health issues can manifest in so many different ways and can/do affect sexuality.  Sexuality being an integral part of life, so many people walk around in a state of unhealthy sexual functioning based off their behavior with their bodies.


What we do know is that a person’s health can go from unhealthy to healthy with the right tools and the right team.  This means learning how to lower stress since stress is responsible for 80% of all health issues.  In addition, the proper nutrition and the balancing in of exercise.  While I know and you know that we hear this all the time for some reason it’s not being done-people are not taking control over their health.


It took me to have a major thyroid condition over the last few months to kick into gear what I needed to do.  I am right with many of you.  However, I have learned now to really put my health first.  Exercise, diet, and stress management is the key to a healthy life and a healthy sexual self.  Outlook doesn’t hurt either!


In my research over the last several weeks, I have found that roughly 80% of your immune system is located in your gut.  It is for this reason that what you put into your body is imperative for optimal health.  I stopped gluten and soy first.  I added in a better exercise regimen which yoga will be part of it here real soon.  I also started taking some key supplements like CoQ10, Ester C, B6 and B12, and a Raw Multivitamin.  Of course I can’t forget about the extra virgin coconut oil (one tablespoon a day.   I was fortunate enough to find a wonderful woman in North Carolina that had gone through the thyroid issues that I was going through.  She gave me her protocol for health. And I used it as a very strong guide.  The change is phenomenal!


So, here’s to a healthy life and for you to take control over you.  You certainly can’t control others but you’ve got total control over what you do for you and to you.  If you put your mind in this state you will not only see your life blossom as a whole but your sexuality will also blossom.




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