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There are days when you wake up and feel so grateful for who you are and what you have accomplished.  This technically should be everyday but we all know how difficult that can be in the world we live in today.  There should be more days than not where you are grateful for who you are and who you have become.  This is one of the keys to emotional happiness.


While some of you reading this may be thinkingthat’s great but I hate my job, my wife, my car, etc, how can I be grateful?. Good question. First, the job, the wife, the car, can all be changed.  It is true that many of us make the wrong decisions when it comes to partners and impulse purchases (like some cars).  And, so many of us know the feeling of being in the wrong job which is why so many positions have such high turn over rates (even in a tough economy).  But all of this can be changed.  Not only physically but also the way in which we think about the things we think we are ungrateful for.  As a brief example (and a very simple one) if you hate your job the grateful part comes in with switching your thinking just a tad.  Instead of hating your job how about being grateful for being able to bring home a paycheck?  It is that simple-really.


Now, you may be bitching and complaining about “no one understanding” but the fact is that you are really the one that may not understand. Being grateful is a mindset.  It is learning to accept what you have at the moment but realizing you have the ability to make changes.  Once you have this down is when your mind will open up with thoughts of gratitude and your world changes.


Be grateful for everything that you are because there is only one you.

Starting exercise:

Gratitude Journal: write down five things you are grateful for everyday.





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2 thoughts on “Gratitude

  1. “Being grateful is a mindset. It is learning to accept what you have at the moment but realizing you have the ability to make changes.” You hit the nail on the head with that one!

    When I was younger, I used to be a negative thinker, but as I’ve matured, I realize how much one’s outlook can change ANY situation in life.

    I try to be optimistic most of the time, and even laugh off the things that irritate me, because my “big problem” is irrelevant compared to people living in undeveloped countries.

    I try to instill this sort of thinking into my kids as well.

    Focusing on the negative won’t get you anywhere, except a bad place.

    • I love your approach here!! And, I love the fact that you are mindful of instilling those ideas in your kids! What a great mom!!

      I agree; focussing on the negative will get you absolutely nowhere except down the line physical and mental health issues.

      Deb : )

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